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Enzym & les Chanteurs de St-Eustache : If Ye Love Me, Keep My Commandment (Thomas Tallis)

Louis Pierre-Lacouture, who goes by the alias Enzym, is an artisan of sound. The tools of his craft are enzymes, with which he catalyzes an electronic music mixing piano and organ to produce sounds somewhere between Chopin and Boards of Canada. Compiling sounds like lego pieces, he constructs, deconstructs and mixes sounds, melodies and rythms, out of which emerge sound sculptures.
Commissioned by the St-Eustache festival, a brand new colaboration was set up. Accompanied by the Chanteurs de Saint-Eustache choir, Enzym guides us through an exploration of the Gospel of John through Thomas Tallis’ vocal work, setting up te meeting of the vocal harmony from a 16th century score with the digital sounds of the present day.
Tonight, the past never seemed so close, and the two millenia-old words of the Evangelist suddenly resound as the heartbeat of a newborn baby.
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