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Enzym pursues his composition work through minuscule fragments. While he was creating the elementary sounds that populate Archaeabacteria, his first album, a question arose between his keyboards and eardrums which has never left him; could an even more elemental fragment still be considered music? Enzym sings primitive hymns where glitches, cutouts, naive melodies and ecstatic piano chords meet. Using repetition, symbiosis and mutations, he propels these initial fragments towards a choreographic destiny.

Geörgette Power

Album available on Stuk 2018, feb. 1st
Digital, CD, cassette

composed, recorded and produced by Louis Pierre-Lacouture between Paris, Romainville, Talence, le Teich and les Eaux-bonnes, France.
mastering & graphic design:
Kazune Nogawa

guest musicians:
Gabriel Pierre: double bass on archeabacteria part 2, 3, and Photosynthesis
Thibault Chevaillier: guitar on Photosynthesis
Matteo Pastorino: Bb clarinet, bass clarinet on Phylogenesis
Thomas Kpade: cello on Sediments and Archaebacteria part 3
Dennis Aaij: field recordings on Archaebacteria part 1, 2 & 3

Many thanks to Maricarmen Ibarra Castillo, Simon Colin, Yann Desfougères, Stéphane Peyrot and Axel Rigaud for
their support.

Silkscreen printing: Shlag Lab

order: stuklabel.bandcamp.com
shop: baladessonores.com

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