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Un ensemble d’émissions diffusées par Pigalle Paris Radio.

À chaque fois, une heure de trouvailles de mon cru : pas seulement des pièces ambient ou electronica, mais aussi du jazz, des musiques sacrées, et une réalisation sonore maison !


Hans Otte – Das Buch der Klänge part.1, Das Buch der Klänge (1979-1982), Celestial Sound, 2006
Julien Marchal – Insight XX, Insight 2, 2016
Hosomi – Icic, fy_ot, Sinergy Networks, 2007
Loowood – Takos, Airflow EP, Low Tech Utopia, 2012
Elbi – Made From Scratch -Analog Improvisation #1 (live), 2016
N_qia – Verb, Daybreak EP, Elementperspective, 2012
Bataille Solaire – Sauropodes et Acacias, Documentaires, Constellation Tatsu, 2013
9th Cloud – Hemispherical Irradiance Perspective, Flimsy Exposure, Cosmonostro, 2015
Stefano Pilia – Stand Behind the Man Behind the Wire, Blind Sun New Century Christology, Sound of Cobra, 2015
GoGo Penguin – Surrender to Mountain, Man Made Object, Blue Note, 2016
Hogo – Kitano Dog, Overpainted Music, Tsuku Boshi, 2011
Pleq ) Good Night (Go-qualia Lucid Dreamin Non Rem Sleep Mix), Good Night 2, Progressive Form, 2011
The Tallis Scholars – Miserere Nostri, Thomas Tallis / Spem in Alium, Gimell Records, 1985




Herz Chain – B, Lacs, Clapping Music, 2015
Vito Ricci – The Ship was Sailing, I Was Crossing a Bridge, Music from Memory, 2015
Benito & Birdy Earns, Re.Surreal, Reality Check, Hylé Tapes, 2016
Nogawa Kazune – Nachtvlinders, temporarily closed vol . 1, Stuk, 2015
Low – What Part of Me, Ones and Sixes, Sub Pop, 2015
Forest Management – Journey to the High Point, Hidden Sanctuary, Internet, 2015
Leafcutter John – Elements Chord Mode, Internet, 2016
Esbjörn Svensson Trio – The Unstable Table and the Infamous Fable, Viaticum, ACT, 2005
Peter Broderick – Carried, Erased Tapes, 2016
Christian Carrière – Fratres (Arvo Pärt), Oboro, 2011



Super Magic Hats – Transpose, Separation, Hush Hush Records, 2016
Rodolph – Squirrel in a Dollhouse, Rodolph / Formal Regression split tape, Hylé Tapes, 2016
Echoculture – Melting Glaciers, Poets and Artists, internet release, 2013
Ykymr – (Informations), Green Hour Has Come !, Mimi Records, 2015
Guo Cheng – Camalote, Caballo, yeah!, Internet release, 2016
Sean Croft – Done, Done EP, internet release, 2016
Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld – The Sun Roars Into View, Never Were the Way She Was, Constellation Records, 2015
Ólafur Arnalds – Ljósið, Found Songs, Erased Tapes, 2015
Chromatic Flights – What Came To Life When The Toy Store Closed, Memories from the Audible Colour Wheel, Monotonik, 2007
Shining Trapezohedron – Walford, Lila, Picpack, 2014
Tortoise – Ten-Day Interval, TNT, Thrill Jockey, 1998
Go-Dratta – Lifespan, The Geometric Universe of Sound Waves, Nostress Netlabel, 2015
Sœur Marie Keyrouz – Antoumoul-Ladhin…, Chant Byzantin : Passion et Résurrection, Harmonia Mundi, 1989



Julien Marchal – Insight XX [Nit remix], internet release, 2016
Ed Mount – Forgive, Falling, ♫∦, internet release, 2016
Czarnekci – Pekin6, Czarnekci EP, Bedroom Research, 2007
Je ne sais quoi – Baudoin III, Je ne sais quoi, internet release, 2016
Dale Lloyd – Ruminations [post AKEO], The Post_Piano 2 Open Remix Project, Term, 2005
Erik Truffaz & Murcof ‎- Al mediodía, Mexico, Blue Note, 2008
Serafim Tsotsonis – She swims, She swims, Hush Hush Records, 2016
Viva Biancaluna Biffi / Martín Codax – Interlude, Ondas, Arcana, 2015
Nils Frahm – RE (Roel Funcken Rmx), Screws reworked, Erased Tapes, 2016
FilFla – Dx (distance), Frame, Plop, 2005
Map165 – The Light Burnt Open, The Fatigue of Sunlight and Wine, Voxxov Records, 2014

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